Estimated duration: 60 min. without dissemination

Aims of this module:  to form knowledge about energy drinks; to acquaint with the history and composition of energy drinks; to cultivate a respectful attitude towards physical health; to give an idea of what products are most useful and necessary for every day; to teach how to choose the healthiest foods; to introduce the rules of nutrition


„Be honest”

Duration: 5-7 min.

Group size: Any

Materials: Printouts of the Annex 1.

The facilitator brings attention of the participants and shares the ready prepared printouts with participants. Everyone fills out the forms (5-7 min). Then facilitator collects them and sums up the answers. Then s/he writes the results on the whiteboard where bigger version of the Annex 1 is hanged. The facilitator asks participants to share their opinions on the received responses. Then s/he presents the topic of the activity.

Hints for The Facilitator:

* Bring attention to the products mostly consumed by the participants;

* Write the names of popular local brands that are common in your area;

* Adapt the questions suitable for the age of participants.



Duration: around 40 min.

Group size: around 30 people

Materials: Eggs, chicken liver, beakers (min 8), 2 types of energy drinks (known in your region), water, ethyl alcohol, Infographic.

Facilitator gives a short introduction to the topic.

The facilitator selects two participants and invites them to make two experiments:

Chicken egg white. First participants shall select and write the number on the beakers. After that they take 4 eggs and separate the egg white from the yolk and put egg white into beakers. After that they shall pour over the egg whites 2 energy drinks (preferably known ones), water and ethyl alcohol.

Another two participants shall be selected for the next experiment – Chicken liver test.

They cut the chicken liver. Again, they shall select and write the number on the beakers. After that they put a piece of liver in each. Each beaker was poured with same energy drinks, water and ethyl alcohol over the piece of liver.

Then facilitator presents a lecture on different junky and energy rich products: Carbonated and energy drinks are completely chemical and contain a lot of sugar, caffeine and food colors. There are a lot of spices, harmful food additives in instant noodles (Doshirak, Yum Yum etc). Unhealthy foods include also fast food like hamburgers and hot dogs. Sweets, chocolate bars, and other sweets contain a huge number of calories with the addition of chemical products, dyes and chemical flavors. The consumption of sweets containing a large amount of sugar and fat leads to metabolic disorders and obesity. Chewing gum is also harmful to the human body.

After the lecture, the facilitator asks participants to check what had happened to the egg whites and chicken liver parts.

The results shall be discussed and reflected.

Hints for The Facilitator:

  • Other products can be used in the experiment (meat, egg shell)
  • If you have some rugged metals, it is also possible to see the effect of energy drinks on them.
  • For the lecture, prepare presentation with more examples and explanation of good and bad energy containing products.


„I am stronger without”

Duration: 15 min.

Group size: Any

Materials: Slides with pictures of substitutes of junky food in accordance to the content (Cocoa powder or crushed cocoa beans, coffee, ginseng, green tea, walking, cycling).

At the end facilitator asks audience who shouldn’t use energy drinks. Then s/he explains that energy drinks can be useful in small doses, and can have a good effect on the body when playing sports, From the previous exercises it follows that energy drinks are contraindicated for people with cardiovascular diseases, people with mental disabilities, suffering from hypertension, pregnant women and, of course, people under the age of 18. For these categories of people, the harm of energy drinks can be much more dangerous than for perfectly healthy people.

Facilitator presents some natural stimulants instead of energy drinks/junk food: Cocoa powder or crushed cocoa beans, coffee, ginseng, green tea, walking, cycling, or just stretching can also substitute the products containing chemicals.

Discussion of the knowledge with participants and reflect over the impact of these products.

Hints for The Facilitator:

  • Propose some daily routines on how to stay away from attractive junky food.
  • Find some interesting stories that could be used as examples.


Home activity “Investigate the power of natural energy”

Duration: 2-3 weeks

Group size: Any

Materials: Computer, internet.

The participants will be asked to work in groups first to find out which natural products are the richest in the energy value. They will prepare the plan on how to make a smoother substitution from usually consumed products to the natural ones. After two weeks the groups shall prepare a report and show they already implemented their plans with concrete results.

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