Child Welfare Education – download e-book and learn more

One of the most important activities of our project was developing of 10 principles on which Child Welfare is based (the well-being of children and adolescents) and how it can be implemented in educational activities at school or other organizations. Educators, teachers, trainers and other people interested in the topic could explore it during training and promotional meetings that we organized as part of our project activities, as well as by subscribing to the Newsletter, in which we described one principle in detail every week. Schools, associations and other organizations that apply the concept of Child Welfare in their activities could and still may apply for the QNEC Certificate, which confirms the quality of education and care for the well-being of its users. In order to disseminate the child welfare idea even more in Poland and in the world for people who have not subscribed to the newsletter, we have prepared an e-book available in two language versions – Polish and English. Check out this short tutorial, complete the quiz, and apply for QNEC certification!

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