New organizations with QNEC certificate

8 new organizations have been certified with QNEC certificate after participating in the training course “HOPP into child welfare” (Erasmus+), organised by HOPP organization in Poland (15-20/03/2022).

Asociaţia pentru Tehnologia Informaţiei şi Comunicaţii din România

Fundación Universitaria San Antonio Murcia (UCAM)

Istanbul Youth Network

Fiatalok Egységben Egyesület

Go young association

Bosphorus Youth Team

Romanian National Association for the Support of Young Ecologists (ANTER)


QNEC – certified organisations

We would like to congratulate organizations which got certificate QNEC, which means that youth workers and educators had learnt main rules of child welfare education and they have applied them in their organisations in daily work.

Organizations can still apply for certificates 🙂

This is the list of all QNEC organizations certified so far:

  1. Ośrodek Profilaktyki i Epidemiologii Nowotworów im. Aliny Pieńkowskiej w Poznaniu
  2. Publiczna Szkoła Podstawowa nr 1 w Brzegu
  3. Stowarzyszenie na rzecz Dzieci i Młodzieży „Uskrzydlamy”
  4. Szkoła Podstawowa im. Tadeusza Kościuszki w Soli
  5. Przedszkole w Soli
  6. Dwujęzyczna Szkoła Podstawowa nr 1 w Warszawie
  7. Dwujęzyczne Przedszkole ABC
  8. Fundacja Chrześcijańska NEBO
  9. Stowarzyszenie SportTeam
  10. Fundacja Pomocy Dzieciom i Rodzinie „Horyzont” w Opolu
  11. Møllergata Skole
  12. Ila Skole
  13. Norligths Montessoriskole
  14. Åsbråten Skole
  15. Sofiemyr Skole
  16. Østli Skole
  17. Løkenås Skole
  18. Solheim Skole
  19. Norlights IInternational  school
  20. Asker International School
  21. Jar Skole


Do you already know that the main results of our project are already available in the StartNow + mobile application? We have created this application for educators who want to learn about health better and more effectively. The application is available for both IOS and Android phones. Our application is free of charge, and all scenarios contained in it include access to additional materials – infographics, attachments or links from which you can get additional knowledge or inspiration. Here you can download the application, and below you will find its detailed description.

The Startnow + application is a collection of educational modules devoted to health, well-being and the development of broadly understood social competences. It is dedicated to educators, teachers, facilitators, trainers, educators and animators – anyone who would like to conduct their classes in an interesting way, using the wealth of non-formal education methods.

With the app you can:

  • Introduce students to the new topic of the lesson;
  • To learn while learning – in line with non-formal education, where everyone can be an expert;
  • Motivate your group to greater involvement and creative cooperation;
  • Become an innovative educator;
  • Use the lesson modules in one of the 3 available languages: Polish, Norwegian and English;
  • Introduce a new standard of education and peer learning in your environment.

Mobile App is available here

On the Google Play

On the App Store

Project publication is ready!

The Startnow + project publication is about health education of young people, but the direct recipients of our activities were teachers, educators and other people working with this age group. Together with our partners from Norway, we have been developing innovative tools for public health education for over the past 2 years. 

Our base was the lesson modules created as part of the previous START NOW! project in 2018. We have developed some of them in Polish and Norwegian language versions, adapted them to the school education format, and updated them with the latest trends in health education and the social context. 

In addition, we have created 10 new lesson scenarios that meet the educational needs of the pandemic and are based on many interesting and engaging methods that can also be used in the distance learning mode. 

An important element of our cooperation was also the definition of the basic principles of Child Welfare in education, which we shared with the participants of our meetings promoting the project in Opole and Oslo, and with participants of the training for educators from Poland and Norway in Milówka. 

We can also boast of the QNEC (Quality of Non formal Education Certifcate) certification of organizations that implement the rules we have developed. 

A foretaste of the module-based classes could also get to know children and young people who took part in city games organized in both partner countries this autumn. 

The Startnow + project was an opportunity to exchange knowledge and educational practices used in Poland and Norway, it was also a process of creative cooperation, which resulted in the creation of solutions and tools that allow for the acquisition of practical knowledge and „health skills” of young people participating in the classes in an interesting way, but also adults who facilitate this process. 

Enjoy reading and using the modules! 

Child Welfare Education – download e-book and learn more

One of the most important activities of our project was developing of 10 principles on which Child Welfare is based (the well-being of children and adolescents) and how it can be implemented in educational activities at school or other organizations. Educators, teachers, trainers and other people interested in the topic could explore it during training and promotional meetings that we organized as part of our project activities, as well as by subscribing to the Newsletter, in which we described one principle in detail every week. Schools, associations and other organizations that apply the concept of Child Welfare in their activities could and still may apply for the QNEC Certificate, which confirms the quality of education and care for the well-being of its users. In order to disseminate the child welfare idea even more in Poland and in the world for people who have not subscribed to the newsletter, we have prepared an e-book available in two language versions – Polish and English. Check out this short tutorial, complete the quiz, and apply for QNEC certification!