We change the health education of young people

2 NGOs from Poland and Norway have been developing innovative tools for public health education.
This is the START NOW+ project and there is much more to learn, teach and discover.

to improve the health competences of youth

to popularize the child welfare education

to educate non-formally

networking & exchanging experiences

Start now+
Teach&learn about health

Here you can find a complete publication for health education of children and youth. The presented methods are so universal that they can also be used in other areas of work with youth. The direct recipients of our activities are teachers, educators and other people working with this age group. Together with our partners from Norway, we have been developing innovative tools for public health education over the past 2 years.

the modules
educational tool for health education

The main results of our project are available in the StartNow+ mobile application. We have created this application for educators who want to teach about health better and more effectively. The application is available for both IOS and Android phones. Our application is free of charge. If you prefer to use our modules through a browser, you can go to the subpage here.

Youth involved

Child welfare education

One of the most important activities of our project was the creation of 10 principles on which Child Welfare is based (the well-being of children and youth) and how it can be implemented in educational activities at school or other organizations. To spread the idea of child welfare even more, we have prepared an e-book. Read on this short tutorial and apply for QNEC certification!

The association has been involved in non-formal education of children and youth in the field of health education for many years. Since our foundation in 2012, we have implemented many international projects: youth exchanges, training sessions and seminars.

The main goal of the organization is to develop innovative approaches to solve the existing problems and needs of young people using issues related to health, medicine and broadly understood "welfare". The Institute conducts research and develops curricula for non-formal education.

Start now+
we haven't started from Zero

Our base has been already developed. Those are the lesson modules that we have created as part of the previous START NOW! project in 2018. Now we have planned a number of innovations and improvements in the modules, that you may already know. If not, please visit: www.startnow-learning.eu

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START NOW+ uses funding worth 76304,50 EUR received from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway under the Funds EEA. The purpose of the project START NOW+ are development of educational tools for public health and exchange of good practices in child welfare education.

START NOW+ uses funding worth 13465,50 EUR received from the Polish state budget under the Education Programme. The purpose of the project are development of educational tools for public health and exchange of good practices in child welfare education.