What are our goals?

We aim to:

  • improve the health competences of young people,
  • popularize the principles of “child welfare education” in Poland,
  • educate non-formally
  • networking & exchanging experiences

The project focuses on the health of young people and is based on the previous experience of our organizations. The main area of ​​activity is the development of innovative educational tools for public health. Based on already developed START NOW! lessons modules, we will further develop and disseminate them to new groups of beneficiaries.

The second overarching goal is to promote the principles of “child welfare education” in Poland, based on the exchange of good practices with a Norwegian partner.

Is that all?

Of course not. Our activities, and above all the topics raised and educational materials created (modular lessons) will pursue various smaller, but no less important goals:

  • education on sustainable development,
  • promotion of equal opportunities for men and women,
  • incorporating new technologies in youth education,
  • development of pedagogical innovations.

For whom?

The final recipients will be above all, young people. We will reach them through education of teachers and youth workers. The developed quality standards will have a positive impact on children and young people through educational organizations and institutions, implementing them.

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