What is our project about?

It is about youth health education. Together with our partners from Norway, we will develop innovative tools for public health education.

However, we don’t start from the ground. Our base is already developed. Those are the lesson modules that we have created as part of the previous START NOW! project in 2018. Now we have planned a number of innovations and improvements in the modules, that you may already know (if not, please visit: www.startnow-learning.eu).


  • we will develop separate language versions of modules in Polish and Norwegian,
  • we will further facilitate the navigation and use of lessons by educators,
  • we will adapt the modules to the school education format,
  • we will implement advanced IT solutions (which we will talk about soon).

There is something else …

Thanks to our Norwegian partners, we will prepare a comprehensive “child welfare education” promotion program and teach about the safety of children and young people in education. Scandinavians are far ahead in this regard, and we are going to significantly shorten this distance and work on the psychological comfort of kids at school and outside.

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