Why we do this?

Formal education does not sufficiently include young people with fewer opportunities in educational processes. The use of non-formal tools is at a low level. There is a lack of educational coherence between the formal and non-formal sectors. In turn, health education is ignored in the educational activities of both sectors. Competence to care for your health (physical and mental) is currently the key competence of young people and directly affects their educational opportunities and future life. Hence the need to develop holistic health education tools, including local partners, individual activities and all education sectors. Inclusive education in the project will also be supported by: basing tools on national languages, aspects of mental, social and environmental health as well as stimulation of social activity.

The education sector is not only formal education, but also the entire area of ​​non-formal education for which the use of quality standards is poorly spread. Based on previous experience, we noticed the desire to develop these entities and the need to introduce new, ever higher standards.

 “Child welfare education” is a term still very poorly known in Poland, and the principles it promotes are not educational priorities, unlike in Norway. Referring to the holistic approach to health, we believe that ensuring the safety of the educational space is the foundation of the quality and effectiveness of the education process.

Further priorities included in the project are:

– lack of aspects of sustainable development integrating the environmental and social dimension in educational tools,

– insufficient promotion of equal opportunities for men and women in Polish NGOs and poor use of good practices of other countries,

– poor integration of new technologies in education and the use of open resources,

– low substantive level of pedagogical innovations and low effectiveness of training of educators.

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