Join our city game in Opole! have fun and be healthy!

We are inviting youth with teachers to participate in our city game, which will be organised on 29th of October 2021 in Opole. The event aims to disseminate the results of our project and consists of 3 events for various groups:

  1. City Game for schools
  2. City Game for youth
  3. Coffee with EOG event

What is the game?

It is a great way to spend time actively with your peers, developing many skills such as teamwork, communication, creative thinking, time and task management.

What is the aim?

The aim of the activity is to familiarize young people with important issues related to health and to familiarize educators with non-formal methods of health education.

Come and play with us for health!

3rd meeting, this time in Norway!

We had a great pleasure to meet again, this time in Oslo. It gave us the opportunity to see how our partner lives and work in the capital of Norway (3-5/8/21). We met together in the FURIM’s office where we have discussed the project’s issues, especially the upcoming training course in Poland and finalize work on modules. We also talked about project’s promotion and visualization.

It was also the time for integration and explore the Scandinavian culture. We have visited the sport center Holmenkollen and taste a little bit of Norwegian cuisine.

We would like to thank our partners for hosting Us and show Us how slow life can be even if you live in a big city like Oslo.

We finally met

After a long time of remote work on the StartNow + project, the time has come to unfreeze working meetings of project groups. The opening up Norway made it possible for the Norwegians to come to Poland. This time we met in Opole (6-8/07/2021), the home town of the HOPP association.

What were we doing for 2 days?

During the 2 days of the meeting, we summarized our joint achievements, including the educational cards that we have prepared. A set of 10 new modules is being finalized, so you will soon learn about the topics that we have chosen. We based it on analyzes as important for young people.

What’s next?

We are also finishing work on child welfare education, a set of rules that, through implementation, will improve the quality of educational processes. We have another meeting ahead of us and further work on the results. During the next meeting, this time in Oslo, we will focus on the upcoming international training for educators and the release of the mobile application.