We finally met

After a long time of remote work on the StartNow + project, the time has come to unfreeze working meetings of project groups. The opening up Norway made it possible for the Norwegians to come to Poland. This time we met in Opole (6-8/07/2021), the home town of the HOPP association.

What were we doing for 2 days?

During the 2 days of the meeting, we summarized our joint achievements, including the educational cards that we have prepared. A set of 10 new modules is being finalized, so you will soon learn about the topics that we have chosen. We based it on analyzes as important for young people.

What’s next?

We are also finishing work on child welfare education, a set of rules that, through implementation, will improve the quality of educational processes. We have another meeting ahead of us and further work on the results. During the next meeting, this time in Oslo, we will focus on the upcoming international training for educators and the release of the mobile application.

Health education during Youth Forum the Opolskie Voivodeship

On August 13, we took part in the Summer Discussions at the Forum, organized by the 3rd term of the Youth Forum of the Local Government of the Opolskie Voivodeship.

We had the pleasure to sit down at one of the expert tables and talk to young people about health. Together, we have developed several postulates that can positively affect the health of children and adolescents. The meeting was also an excellent opportunity to present the assumptions of the Start Now + project and to promote the results, on which we are working very persistently. The meeting also resulted in the official partnership that the project received from the Youth Forum.


We finally had the opportunity to meet! During the two hot days, we worked very intensively and very constructively on the first educational modules.

Despite numerous difficulties related to the coronavirus epidemic and the closure of the borders, the first meeting of the partners of the “StartNow +” project took place in Katowice, Poland. After the several online meetings, we finally had the opportunity to see and get to know each other in reality.

The meeting was attended by project coordinators and leaders: Maxim Mukhamodeev and Hakan Ozalp from Norway as well as Martyna Jaros, Agnieszka Zawiślak and Piotr Jaros from Poland. For several productive hours, we have developed:

– scheme of the updated educational module StartNow!

– joint project promotion and communication channels

– agenda for the coming working year

– sources of information on child welfare education, i.e. a set of practices enabling a safe and comfortable educational space for children. Soon you will get to know the list of 10 modules selected to be updated and enriched with new content and graphics. It will be interesting, modern and colorful!