3rd meeting, this time in Norway!

We had a great pleasure to meet again, this time in Oslo. It gave us the opportunity to see how our partner lives and work in the capital of Norway (3-5/8/21). We met together in the FURIM’s office where we have discussed the project’s issues, especially the upcoming training course in Poland and finalize work on modules. We also talked about project’s promotion and visualization.

It was also the time for integration and explore the Scandinavian culture. We have visited the sport center Holmenkollen and taste a little bit of Norwegian cuisine.

We would like to thank our partners for hosting Us and show Us how slow life can be even if you live in a big city like Oslo.

FURIM Institute

FURIM Insitutt, based in Oslo, Norway, aims to produce evidence-based knowledge on the areas of focus – Outdoor, Youth, Tourism, Sport and Environment. FURIM also aims to develop approaches in order to solve existing problems and needs through the transformation of these knowledge into technical knowledge and to use these approaches as solution tools through project-based works.

The key competences include but not limited to Social innovation Education, Social Inclusion & Integration, use and implementation of technology and Social Media, Youth empowerment, Project management and enhancing of Capacity building activities, Entrepreneurship Education, Active citizenship engagement, Sustainability education. 

FURIM Institute conducts research and development activities using scientific and evidence-based methods and develops and implements projects according to the results obtained from these activities for its own areas of focus. The Institute supports scientific and academic studies.

In collaboration with national and international organizations, FURIM Institute develops curricula/syllabus for formal, non-formal and in-formal education organizations, creates face-to-face and distance learning content, and actively participates in educational platforms. FURIM carries out projects and activities with organizations related to its areas of focus. FURIM also participates in national and international networks; develops effective cooperation with all stakeholders related to the areas of focus. In addition, FURIM also aims to carry out social innovation studies in related areas of focus.