We finally met

After a long time of remote work on the StartNow + project, the time has come to unfreeze working meetings of project groups. The opening up Norway made it possible for the Norwegians to come to Poland. This time we met in Opole (6-8/07/2021), the home town of the HOPP association.

What were we doing for 2 days?

During the 2 days of the meeting, we summarized our joint achievements, including the educational cards that we have prepared. A set of 10 new modules is being finalized, so you will soon learn about the topics that we have chosen. We based it on analyzes as important for young people.

What’s next?

We are also finishing work on child welfare education, a set of rules that, through implementation, will improve the quality of educational processes. We have another meeting ahead of us and further work on the results. During the next meeting, this time in Oslo, we will focus on the upcoming international training for educators and the release of the mobile application.

Join our Training Course

On 9th – 15th of August we will held the international training for educators, youth workers and leaders. If you are interested in innovative and non formal education, this event is for you. Check our infopack and apply for the course right now!



in this module:

  • We will give a general information about stress, its causes, emotions and feelings that provoke stress,
  • You will learn about the harm of stress to the human body;
  • You will also identify the types of situations that could be the most stressful how to respond to these situations;
  • You will practice effective ways to overcome stressful situations: breathing, muscle control, visualization, verbal techniques;
  • Finally, you will be able to adapt the techniques of socially acceptable expression of negative emotions.

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in this module:

  • you will to raise awareness about the importance of social connections in order to sustain well-being;
  • you will improve social competence among participants;
  • You will learn the new methods and approaches to the communication skills.

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in this module:

  • you will get a general idea why a healthy lifestyle is the key to human safety in everyday life;
  • you will become aware of the need for healthy nutrition;
  • you will also learn how to apply the acquired knowledge for yourself personally.
  • w tym module:
  • dowiesz się, dlaczego zdrowy styl życia jest kluczowy w codziennym funkcjonowaniu;
  • uświadomisz sobie potrzebę zdrowego odżywiania;
  • dowiesz się również, jak osobiście zastosować zdobytą wiedzę.

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